I will work for you...

To fight for Fair Funding in our schools, and to provide access to school choice and improved charter schools

To protect parental authority in our schools

With our leadership in Harrisburg, to reduce excessive spending which will lighten the burden of inflation that puts taxpayers at a disadvantage

To replace corporate welfare with business tax cuts and abolishing burdensome regulations that negatively impact our businesses, which is important to our economic growth

“Let’s move the 112 District forward with a new vision and a bright future together. My goal is to unite our communities and citizens and strengthen our relationships.”

Who I Am...

I am proud to be a member of the working class that can relate to the majority of Americans’ everyday life. My values of honor, integrity, and accountability will serve my neighbors in Harrisburg.

I am a contractor at Tobyhanna with over 15 years of experience providing satellite communication technology for our Armed Forces. I also served an elected Union Steward for the Local IAM and was a member of the Negotiating Committee that successfully bargained for new contracts.

One of my passions is a desire to give back to those who have served our country by raising future assistance dogs, with my wife, Kendra. These wonderful animals will enhance mobility and renew independence for our veterans.

To the people of the 112th District:

You need to know that I believe that our federal government is not aligned with its people by trying to undermine our Constitution on many fronts such as restricting our ability to be energy independent which has fueled inflation.

As member of the State Legislature in Harrisburg I will work to safeguard our 10th Amendment rights enshrined in the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution to protect us in Pennsylvania from Federal Government overreach.

The Citizens of District 112 will have a representative who they can relate with. District 112 will have a leader who answers only to its Constituents and not Special Interests.

Protect Parental Authority
Parents have a fundamental right to direct the education and upbringing of their children including homeschooling. As your Representative, you will have a leader that will protect this fundamental right.
Election Integrity
In a Constitutional Republic, it is vital that the electorate has confidence in the integrity of our Elections. There must be mandatory cleaning of voter rolls. Require State Election Officials to conduct checks of voter registration rolls twice a year. Secure drop boxes, end ballot harvesting. Require Absentee ballots to list the Voter’s  Drivers License number, last four digits of SSN, or Voter ID number. This District can count on a leader who will fight to restore Election Integrity.
End Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
Taxpayer-funded lobbying occurs when government entities—including boroughs, cities, counties, school districts, and state agencies—hire contract lobbyists or pay dues to lobbying groups to lobby other areas of government. 

Tax payer funded lobbying harms everyone, except the lobbying industry and the bureaucracy.
Medical Freedom
Public health regulations cannot violate an individuals constitutional rights. The Tenth Amendment gives states all powers not specifically given to the federal government, including the power to make laws relating to public health. But, the Fourteenth Amendment places a limit on that power to protect people's civil liberties.